Three ways to speed up time to market

• Integrate StyleXpress Into Your Business
A lot of companies adopting StyleXpress ascloud-based product display showroomand catalog sharing hub.StyleXpress is an organised product library and catalog communication tool. It will help speed up time to market.With the digital showroom, travel restrictions and long shipping times become a problem of the past.

• Put Outsourcing to Your Advantage
StyleXpress dedicated team is available to help you create your product into 3D scan and can furnish your garments on virtual models. It is possible to outsource product photoshoot and 3D scan process. You can develop an ecosystem with reliable supporting partners that can assist in rolling out innovations can speed up your time to market.

• Develop Ways to Track Results Effectively
Individual showrooms can easily be generated to showcase a particular selectionof products. The showroom comes with ‘Like’ buttons and a comment function for easy communication between customer and producerby sharing visual information. Management leaders access visibility to ensure that objectives are met with agility andtransparency, and results are adequately tracked.